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Sara Bardi
Artist | Student | Digital Art
-- to Know, to Dare, to Will and to Keep Silent --

# Suffers from pathological worship of Dark Gods so debauched that even other Dark Gods would blank them at Dark Gods parties. #

Hi! I am a freelance illustrator and concept artist born in a port town that I like to consider as the Italian equivalent of Innsmouth. I graduated with top marks at my hometown High School of Art and attended Entertainment Design and Animation courses at Nemo NT in Florence. My illustrations have been published by Innsmouth Free Press, Dunwich Edizioni (Italy) and are currently featured in several productions of Indie games and animated series.

I speak Italian, good English and a bit of French and I accept commissions and collaborations (even for big projects, like those to be promoted on Kickstarter) from everyone on our little Earth :3
While working on my third novel "Mirabilia" (a steampunk detective-story set in Paris 2189) I'm also developping an online comic titled "Lovely Lovecraft" focused on life and stories of the horror author H.P Lovecraft that you can read here ->…

:bulletpink: BEHIND THE NAME :bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink: 'MALAKIA'
'Malachi' is a Jewish masculine name which means 'messanger'.
Malachia is the Italian name of Donald Duck's cat (Tabby), a character created by Dick Kinney e Al Hubbard.
S.Malachy was an Irish Saint to whom were attributed several miracles and an alleged vision of 112 Popes later attributed to the apocalyptic list of Prophecy of the Popes.
Malakkio was the name of my first pet, an adorable little black kitten that my parents gave me as a gift for Christmas many, many years ago.

-- The witches ceased to exist when we ceased burning them. --

-- To forget is, in brief, to forget to evolve. It is the same as dying slowly like so. Forget how to fly, forget your enemies... and you willl drop down and end up being a bird that trudges to the ground more helpless than a mouse --
( Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro)

--There are bridges you cross, you didn't know you crossed, until you've crossed. --

-- Nyarlathotep is not the only one to wear masks. To survive in this world, we all need many. -- (Myself)

-- We need fantasy, we can't help it. We're human.
But I'll let you in on a little secret:
Fantasy needs us too. --

-- Men, my dear, are monsters;
but please don't ask me why
There is no nice man, no good man; it's - true.
So if I must have monsters, I'm damned if I'll despair;
I'll summon up a real one - and go from there. --
(Shoggoth on the Roof)

-- I am not a crazy man, even though
they mistook me for one.
I live in the same world as the rest of you.
Only I saw more of it.--
(The Jacket)

-- Not all who wander are lost. --
(J.R.R Tolkien)

-- I always appreciate some heroine/villain fluff. --

-- I’m the one doing all the dirty work! And I will be there when the universe is no more, laughing all the way. --
(Nyarlathotep - Lovely Lovecraft)


I go on deviantArt More by fear-the-brilliance Dark and Girly Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Single Stamp by blankwood .Miskatonic U Stamp. by MalakiaLaGatta
Extraterrestrial Life Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Born into the wrong... by Sora-X-Riku Phantom addicted STAMP by lonewined I Love my watchers by Sedma WARNING by Vexcel More time... by prosaix Stamp: Charlie Hebdo by Walldryx LGBT, Homophobe, All the Same by endler Stand Back Stamp by ladieoffical Go To Sleep -  Stamp by JWiesner El Dorado Scream Stamp by TwilightProwler Illuminati Stamp by SoMudkip Fandom Stamp by Sheikah-ness Heroine & villain by CheerfulOptimistic Hate Artist's Block Stamp by fear-the-brilliance Evolution Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I Want To Collect Old Ones by endler MM Stamp 3 by tu-tu-pa Night owl by prosaix Daily... by prosaix Bad handwriting -Stamp- by xxkeikochanxx Universe Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Takeover Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Pretending Stamp by sonadora100 Not Cynical by Sergeant-McFluffers

*Drawing *Writing *Sleeping
Two horrible men Andrew Lloyd Webber and Howard Phillips Lovecraft
...but you should.

Enjoy! You will thank me later!

DISCLAIMER: some of these musicals aren't completely 'unknown', but I'm sure that the majority of people won't be aware of their existence :P


A story of amminoacids, dinosaurs, girls, boys, nerds, school, art, board games, poetry, facebook, successful people, so called 'losers' and in the very end, hopes for the future.

2) Elisabeth Das Musical (GERMAN)

An epic retelling of the tragic life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria with a guest of honor... Death himself, who's for "Sissi"  both foe and lover.
(it contains an awesome ammount of Italian swearwords. I love it)

3) Big Fish
Ok, we all watched and loved the Tim Burton movie (the last GREAT movie he made, IMHO) but what if I tell you that there is a musical which is even closer to the book and tells the story waaaaaaay better? :)

4) Mozart - L'Opera Rock (FRENCH)
This one is actually pretty popular even among English speakers, I've seen a lots of fanart on DeviantArt too but it still deserves a spot in my list. 'Mozart' is part of a cycle of rock operas produced by Dove Attia which includes 'Le Roi Soleil', 'Les Amants de la Bastille' and the upcoming 'La Légende du Roi Arthur'. It's modern, bright and loud with gorgeous costumes and some really catchy songs. Like the Oscar Winning movie 'Amadeus', it gives a lots of screentime to the character of Antonio Salieri.

5) Orfeo 9 (ITALIAN) ---NO SUBTITLES--
This is a very special one

Written and composed by Tito Schipa Jr. and staged for the first time in Rome in 1970, 'Orfeo 9' is a retelling of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Through the use of modern days allegories, Orpheus travels from the peaceful life of the countryside to the dangers and temptations of a big city, in search of his lost love. A movie adaptation of the show aired on RAI (Italy's national public television) in 1973 and it was released on DVD only in 2014 in an extremely limited number of copies.
Many years before the DVD release, I had the chance to exchange a few emails with Mr.Schipa who was utterly surprised to find fanarts of his rock opera drawn by a little girl like myself (If you go to the very early pages of my gallery, you can still see my crappy old drawings! :meow: I was... I dunno...13 years old? 14 maybe?). The same year, a remastered and subititled version of the movie was presented at the Venice Film Festival and Mr.Schipa was so kind of sending me an home burned DVD of the footage with his signature on it! :la:
Those little moments in life in which you really feel special.

6) Dreams in the Witch House

I've already talked about this one but I'll repeat myself. It's brand new, it's great and only a few people know about it, which is totally INSANE. I also want to thank :iconbrian-oconnell: for informing me that they're still producing new songs to expand the runtime of the show! Like 'The Refuge of Penitence'  sung by Father Iwanichi.

7) Eternity
From the Netherlands with love, blood and fangs! The best musical about Vampires! To me, the plot looks very much inspired by Ann Rice's 'The Queen of the Damned' but it is far better than the *awful* 'Lestat' musical by Elthon John.
This one is almost impossible to find online. I bought my CD from and had to wait 3 months to get it. Totally worth it, though.

8) The In-Between

Like Dreams in the Witch House, this musical has never been performed live or filmed.
Yet, both music and concept are very original, expecially since it attemps to put some sci-fi/fantasy in the musical world and we seriously need more of that! By the same composer and lyricist (Laura Tisdall), there's also another awesome concept album titled Faerytale

9) The Pirate Queen

A 'cheap' version of Les Miserables by its very composers. Nobody knows about this show, it selled poorly and had very harsh reviews.
It isn't terrible, but it really... really sounds like Les Mis. But once again, is better than Tim Rice and Elthon John's 'Aida' (why the hell are you making a musical out of an Opera? XD)

10) Songs for a New World

A really weird show which isn't an actual musical but more of a song cycle.
All tracks are connected by the theme of making decisions and the exact moment in which you choose to change your life.



10+) Carrie

Defined by critics the worst musical of all times, is not really that bad ;)

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