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Sara Bardi
Artist | Student | Digital Art

-- The witches ceased to exist when we ceased burning them. --

-- To forget is, in brief, to forget to evolve. It is the same as dying slowly like so. Forget how to fly, forget your enemies... and you willl drop down and end up being a bird that trudges to the ground more helpless than a mouse --
( Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro)

--There are bridges you cross, you didn't know you crossed, until you've crossed. --

-- Nyarlathotep is not the only one to wear masks. To survive in this world, we all need many. -- (Myself)

-- We need fantasy, we can't help it. We're human.
But I'll let you in on a little secret:
Fantasy needs us too. --

-- Men, my dear, are monsters;
but please don't ask me why
There is no nice man, no good man; it's - true.
So if I must have monsters, I'm damned if I'll despair;
I'll summon up a real one - and go from there. --
(Shoggoth on the Roof)

-- All I want is a pretty girl,
a decent meal,
and the right to shoot lightning at fools. --
(Anders - Dragon Age)

-- I am not a crazy man, even though
they mistook me for one.
I live in the same world as the rest of you.
Only I saw more of it.--
(The Jacket)

-- Not all who wander are lost. --
(J.R.R Tolkien)

-- Goblins and ghoulies, creatures of fright…
We summon you now, to dance through the night!

Esprits et fantômes sur vos fières destriers,
escortez dans la nuit la belle fiancée !
Warlocks and witches, answer this call,
your presence is wanted at this ghostly ball!

Des douze coups de minuit aux matines sonnantes,
nous valserons ensemble, macabre débutante !
Join now the spirits in nuptial doom:
A ravishing bride… a vanishing groom!
(Madame Leota - Phantom Manor)

-- I always appreciate some heroine/villain fluff. --

-- I’m the one doing all the dirty work! And I will be there when the universe is no more, laughing all the way. --
(Nyarlathotep - Lovely Lovecraft)


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Hi! I'm an italian art student and I work as freelance illustrator and conceptual artist for books, comics and games. I graduated with top marks at my hometown art high school and now I'm attenting Entertainment Design and Animation courses at Nemo NT in Florence.
I published my first novel in 2008 (I was only 14 and the plot was a bit confused, but I still think the ideas in it were pretty good XD) and come back to the awesome industry of publishing this year with the ambitious project of "Last Face of the Moon" a fantasy tale set in Ancient Egypt that will be avaiable in english in less than a year. If you're curious, check it on!…
I speak italian, some english and a bit of french and I accept commissions and collaborations (even for big projects, like those to be promoted on Kickstarter) from everyone on our little Earth :3
While working on my third novel "Mirabilia" (a steampunk detective-story set in Paris 2189) I'm also developping an online comic titled "Lovely Lovecraft" focused on life and stories of the horror author H.P Lovecraft that you can read here ->…

*Drawing *Writing *Sleeping
Two horrible men Andrew Lloyd Webber and Howard Phillips Lovecraft

"Well, look at all these pleasant partygoers!
and in such festive attire...
How incredibly clever.
Now listen well!
The time is come, the moment's here,
the black of night draws ever near,
music, lights, a bit of fire,
to shake the nightly hours' desire,
the howl of a wolf in this moonless night,
calls to us with eerie delight...

All year long you get to have tour fun,
but October's here and now your fun is done,
It's OUR turn to celebrate our way,
it's time to bring this Castle down and revel through the night!"

Going to the Magic Kingdom's Halloween Party tomorrow night! Can't wait to see the villains roam the streets! I hope to be able to take some pictures with my favourite baddies and have a great time at the dance club.

And speaking of 'villains'...
I finished one of the two illustrations commissioned to me by Innsmouth Free Press and so I can finally come back working on Lovely Lovecraft (next page is going to be GREAT! One of my favourite sequences in the script.) and the Dream-Quest Project! :D

Have a good day guys!

  • Mood: Joy
  • Reading: The Wanderings of Alhazred
  • Playing: Dragon Age Origins
  • Eating: Cereals
  • Drinking: Milk


.Together Again. by MalakiaLaGatta
.Together Again.

Oh, the fantastic things we'll do. It'll be like old time. You and me. Right up there with the world's greatest pairs!
(Together Again - Young Frankenstein - the Musical)

Being so busy these days. Ispiration had died, I'm always tired and  bored. Need some time for myself, need to work on my projects... but my head feels empty. I hope it's just a phase, I'm not feeling well at all. I'm not homesick, I don't miss my country but here I don't have time or energy to do anything more than lying on my bed staring at the ceiling. I just saw Labyrinth yesterday, that movie is the only thing that can give me some relief when I feel like this. Childhood memories à gogo. That's why I decided to draw two of my oldest original characters. My very first 'babies', Araald and Mayam. It's like I was trying to remember who I am. That's why I purchased a collection of stories by C.A Smith and R.E Howard from Amazon as a self-given Christmas present as well. I want to be me again D:

Love you all guys, sorry for being absent from Deviantart for SO LONG. I miss you all, I want to update Lovely Lovecraft. I really do.
Wish me luck.
Happy Holidays!

.What Pride Had Wrought. by MalakiaLaGatta
.What Pride Had Wrought.

19 days to Dragon Age Inquisition, folks! It't time to update my dreamquisitor :D

NAME: Serhazat Adaar
AGE: 25-30
RACE: Qunari
SPECIALIZATION: Knight Enchanter
PERSONALITY: Witty and stubborn but extremely honest and loyal too. Fights for what is right (or at least, what she thinks is right). I usually role-play evil/opportunistic characters, but this time I want her to be a real paragon! :D
MOST PROBABLE ROMANCE: Blackwall or Iron Bull

Finally, my work schedule changed and I managed to get some free time to work on my projects! The next Lovely Lovecraft page is on the way and also the second commission for Innsmouth Free Press it's almost done.
I CAN BREATHE NOW. And the Food&Wine Festival in Epcot it's almost over too... what a terrible time of the year to work in the very only restaurant which helds afterhours events. I want two days off per week ç____ç I want to go to Orlando or Tampa, I feel like I'm trapped inside Epcot D:

Art by :iconmalakialagatta:
Dragon Age (c) Bioware

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